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FIRST TRIMESTER - DUE Date to be announced.

Choose twenty points worth of the following links, print out a copy of the website evaluation sheet , then answer the questions as you find the answers on the linked pages. Choices 1-3 are worth 10 points each. Choice 4 is worth 20 points.

Choice One - 10 points - copy and answer the five questions and evaluate the site using the
website evaluation sheet

1. How were buildings heated in the Roman Empire?

2, How was water carried to cities?

3. How was waste carried from the cities?

4. How did the Romans lift heavy blocks to the tops of buildings being built?

5. What building material did the Romans invent?

Choice two - 10  points - Copy the questions then answer the questions and evaulate the site using the website evaluation sheet.

1. Why did the Roman army leave Britain?

2. What is one theory about the famous King Arthur?

3. What plants were brought to Britain by the Romans?

4. How were things measured in Britain during and after Roman times?

5. What language did the people in Britain write in for about 1,000 years after the Romans left?

Choice three - 10 points - Explain 6 interesting from the site, writing them in sentence (and/or paragraph) form, then evaulate the site using the website evaluation sheet
There are many interesting facts about school on this page.

Choice four - 20 points - follow the adventure on this interactive web book and every time you make a choice, write what your choice was and what happens. Also, write a fact from each page you go to. Then evaulate the site using the website evaluation sheet
You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman Gladiator - Interactive Web book - tell your story. Begin your report by copying the following:

It is the 1st century A.D. and I live in Gallia which was invaded by the Romans. The Romans call me a barbarian, but I am a Gaul. I chose to fight them and...[click next] I was taken prisoner. [click next- tell where you went and what happened to you.].

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