Inca Scavenger Hunt
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Collect a copy of this page from your teacher (or print it out), then answer true or false from the information found at
Watch the documentary (some questions may be answered, then check out the Mummy bundles. You will find the answers on items you click on.

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Find a website to answer these questions
Inca -
1. How was the Incan civilization organized? Describe each of the different levels of society.
2. For what was the highest point in the village reserved? Why?
3. Name the gods in Incan society. what animals or beings represented each one?
4. Who led the Spanish army that conquered the Incas? When? How many Incas and Spanish soldiers fought?

Peru and Conquistadors
5. List Huayna Capac's responsibilities.
6. What caused the death of thousands of Inca?
7. What other epidemics did the Spanish Conquistadors bring with them?
8. What omen led the Incas to believe they were doomed?
9. Who were Huascar and Atahualpa?
10. In the end, who went with Pizarro to conquer the Inca? What two languages did they use to communicate?
11. How many Incas died in the attack in November, 1532? How many of Pizarro's men died?

Find a map

This is a Scavenger Hunt on the Incas created by Cindy Aubuchon of McCutcheon High School
It  has been revised for use at Granada Middle School in May/June, 2015 by Gina Otto.