Using a Microsoft Word Template to Create a Web Page
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A template is a file that contains document, paragraph, and character formats for documents you create frequently. The template saves all standard text and formatting choices so all you need to do is enter the variable text.

When you open a web page template, you will discover that the template is really a Word table. The columns and help you organize the text and graphics on your web page. You can replace the sample text with your own text.

Although the web page document looks like any other Word document, it is very different. When the document is saved, it will be saved in an HTML format. HTML is an acronym for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a system for marking text so that it can be read on the World Wide Web.


To create a web page:
1. Choose New from the File menu. The New dialog box opens.
2. Click on the Web Pages tab across the top of the dialog box.
3. Double-click on the Personal Web Page, Left-aligned Column, or Right-aligned Column icon.
4. Design your web page.

You can enhance a web page by using web page themes, clipart, or web page backgrounds. Web page backgrounds allow you to add special colors, fill effects, and/or web graphics to your page. You can also use a theme for a background.

By default, Word documents will have a plain white background. When you apply a color or pattern, you show your creativity and individual preferences.

To change a theme:
1. Choose Format, Theme
2. Select a theme of your choice
3. Click OK

To change the background of a web page:
1. Choose Format, Background, then select a Color of your choice or select a Fill effect.
2. Click OK

To insert a hyperlink:
1. Click the Insert Hyperlink button from the Standard Toolbar
2. First type the text to display the name of the site.
3. Type the web address (URL)
4. Click OK to see the link created on your web page.
5. Point to the web site with the hand tool to see the address you typed pop up.

To link to a webpage:
1. Click Existing File or Web Page under Link to
Next to: Text to Display type the words you want to appear on your page.
3. Under Type the file or Web page name: (URL) ie:
You must put the http:// when typing the URL.

To add an E-Mail address:
1. Click E-mail Address under Link to
2. Next to: Text to Display type the E-mail address you want to appear. We do not type the name of the person because some browsers will not allow the link to an E-mail address to be “hot” especially if no mail program is set up.
3. Under E-mail address: type the E-mail address again.

To title your web page:
1. Choose File, Save As.
2. Click on Change Title
Type in the text you want to appear in the titlebart of the browser (Mrs. Otto's Web Page)