K-12 Listservs & Keypals
Gina Otto

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BLOGS - http://www.edublogs.org
A free tutorial about creating and managing student blogs, podcasting, videos and forum for teachers. Also Google Blogs for Teachers for other sources.

EPALS - http://www.epals.com/
"Over 850,000 students and teachers from 11,237 self-registered schools and classrooms, in 96 countries, speaking 93 languages are now participating. Each month, up to 1,000 or more new classrooms register with ePALS and begin corresponding with others schools"

GLOBAL GROCERY LIST - http://landmark-project.com/ggl/
In its 16th year on line, students share local grocery prices to build a growing table of data.  This is a long standing project that generates real, peer collected data for student computation, analysis, and conclusion-building within the context of social studies, science, mathematics and other disciplines.

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE AND SEARCH E-MAIL LISTS -http://www3.niu.edu/newsplace/netlists3.html
Exactly what the title suggests; think you know all the differences in kinds of listservs? This is a good thorough overview.

INNOVATIVE TEACHING - http://surfaquarium.com/NEWSLETTER/index.htm
Subscribe to the listserv by clicking on the box provided.  This site is written by Walter McKenzie, and he will send you lists of sites by topic several times a month.  Many of the sites contained here were first introduced in this listserv.

KIDLINK - http://www.kidlink.org/
Kidlink provides student mailing lists that promote interaction and communication with other students from all over the world through such popular features as Who Am I? and I Have a Dream! All lists are moderated to protect the participating children. 

KIDWORLD - http://www.bconnex.net/~kidworld/keypals4.htm
Kids post their name and interests individually; nice format if you have only 1-5 kids who you want to get involved with electronic correspondence or if you don't have a mail client on your school computers but you still want to try keypals.  This is by age level.

LISTTOOL.COM - http://www.listtool.com/
ListTool.com is a free tool that makes the process of subscribing, unsubscribing and sending commands to 877 mailing and discussion lists (in categories such as law, art, music, computers, news, business, humor and more) easy. You don't have to remember which commands to send to some obscure e-mail address to subscribe or unsubscribe. Just select the Category Page you want to be taken to from the drop down menu above and select "Press Here". Once you get to the individual category page, pick the discussion list and the command (subscribe, unsubscribe, info etc.) and their software will do the rest.

WWWEDU - http://www.edwebproject.org/wwwedu.html
Pronounced "we do," this list by Andy Carvin is one of the most comprehensive mailing lists on anything and everything going on in education online. There are some 1,200 members and messages are posted on a daily basis. I suggest you subscribe to a daily digest version. To subscribe simply email the list at wwwedu-subscribe@yahoogroups.com mailto:wwwedu-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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Last Updated June 2018

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