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Extra credit
Extra credit after book completed

Grade 7

Maniac Magee was a great book! Now let's learn more about the book and its author. 

DIRECTIONS: Below, you will find sets of questions and websites. Each question has at least one website that goes along with it. Read the question and use the information on the website to come up with your answer. BE CAREFUL: Some questions ask you to find a fact. Others ask you to develop your own opinion. Pay attention to your task. Record your answers on a piece of paper, or a sheet provided. (Printable sheet)


1. How long is the Schuylkill River? __________________________

2. In what state is the Schuylkill River located? __________________________

3. If Maniac were staying at the Philadelphia Zoo, what is the earliest time he would be alone at the zoo without visitors there? ____________________

4. If Maniac were to go to the zoo as a visitor, how much would he have to pay to get in? ___________

5. Find a photo of a trolley on its trestle by doing a google search. Write the web address and a description (or print the photo) _________________________. .

MANIAC MAGEE and Jerry Spinelli

6. Maniac was skilled at untying knots. How many types are tied for you on the following website? __________ Which is your favorite? Why?




7.  How many books has Jerry Spinelli authored? Name some.__________,



8.  Did Jerry Spinelli ever run away from home?___________________

9.  What award did this book, Maniac Magee, receive?___________________

10.  How old is Jerry Spinelli?____________________

11.  Was Maniac Magee the first work he ever wrote?__________________

12. How do you know?___________________

13. What was the first thing he had published?_____________________

14.  Is Jerry Spinelli married and does he have children?______________


15.  How many calories are in one MARS bar? (do a find for Mars Bar on this page:)

16. Which of the candies that appear on the following web page is a Mars Bar?

Counting from left to right and top to bottom, which number 1-12 is it?

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17. Which theme did you like the most in the book?  Why? What a short paper explaining.
1. Homelessness (addresses, runaway, survive on the streets)
2. Racial Prejudice (boundary, skin color, ignorance of others)
3. Literacy (books, teaching Grayson, library)
4. Family contrasts
5. Knots
6. Bullying

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