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NARTS FOR KIDS IN K-2 - http://kids.aol.com/homework-help/junior/arts
Music, dance, coloring pages, musical instruments, art history -- all for k-2.
BAND DIRECTOR RESOURCES - http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Academy/4182/
Resources for elementary and secondary band directors. Includes lessons, help by instrument, and other helpful links.

aBEATLES KARAOKE - http://www.danapannell.com/beatles/
Words and music to sing along with.  It's cute BUT MIGHT DISAPPEAR REALLY QUICKLY.

CAMPFIRE SONG BOOK - http://songs-with-music.freeservers.com/
Have you ever racked your brain trying to remember the words to certain melodies that are seared in your brain? Here is a good sized list of songs for campfires, cartrips, and classrooms. For fans of "The Ants Go Marching" to "Zippity Do Dah," the words to these simple, often annoying songs, songs of youth.  Warning:  the words to  "There's a Tavern in the  Town" and "What'll We Do with a Drunken Sailor?" are included in this all-age song list.

CLASSICAL MUSIC - http://www.42explore.com/classmus.htm
Links to classical music info.

DATA DRAGON - http://datadragon.com/education/
Online tutorials and guides; learn and hear about different instruments, learn to read music, about musical genres, and this day in music history.

DISMUKE'S VIRTUAL TALKING MACHINE  - http://www.dismuke.org/
You can listen to the recordings of the early 20th Century. Hear the wonderful sounds of Caruso, Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald and many more in this truly wonderful collection of online music.

DSOKIDS - DALLAS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - http://www.dsokids.com/2001/rooms/DSO_Intro.html
DSOKids is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's doorway to a world of musical fun and learning for students, parents and teachers. The site's mission is to provide attractive, accessible and child-friendly resources that introduce symphonic music, the orchestra and its instruments, and to encourage both adults and young people to explore the world of the symphony orchestra. They do this by providing games, classroom activities, home activities, description of how hearing works, information and audio clips (http://www.dsokids.com/2001/audio.asp?Action=Search&Title=&Med='7'). Flash driven also includes a page for downloading plug-ins.

EARLY MUSIC FAQ - http://www.medieval.org/emfaq/
The web's largest reference for European Medieval and Renaissance music since 1994.

EDGATE'S MUSIC HALL - http://edgate.com/musichall/educator/
EdGate's own page for music educator's and music education. (K-12)

ENERGY IN THE AIR: SOUNDS FROM THE ORCHESTRA - http://library.thinkquest.org/5116//
This ThinkQuest Junior entry explores the unique sounds of the symphony orchestra created by the brass, string, woodwind, and percussion instruments. (4-8)
ESSENTIALS OF MUSIC - http://www.essentialsofmusic.com/
Whether you're a casual listener or a serious music student, here's the site for basic information about classical music. Created in cooperation with W.W. Norton & Company, it's built around Essential Classics, the series specially designed to introduce you to the best music of every period. All through the site you'll find almost 200 excerpts from Essential Classics. The site also contains biographies of 70 composers and 200 definitions of many words connected to music, with examples.

FOLKSONGS FROM AROUND THE WORLD - http://ingeb.org/folksong.html
Words and music to songs, in alphabetical order. Click on melody to hear what it should sound like. Has over 99 billion songs and music and downloads.
aFREE KARAOKE - http://www.amusicalbox.com/
Need PC Media Player.

HOP TOP TOWN - http://www.kids-space.org/HPT/
Hop Pop Town is an experimental project that focuses on new technology and its potential for educational applications. The main objective of the project is to encourage children to improvise musical sequences, one of the vital factors for young children to enjoy music. The site has a child-friendly interface that allows smooth navigation for children and invites their confidence and further motivation. Children create their own sounds, writing and pictures to improvise musical sequences.

J.S. BACH HOME PAGE - http://www.jsbach.org/
This very comprehensive site appears to include pointers to everything about Bach available on the Net, including listings of his complete works, MIDI files of his recordings, and a calendar of upcoming events related to his music. The site is searchable, and the complete works listing can be browsed by category, title, year, instrument & title, instrument & year, BWV number, or even by key. The Recommended Recordings section is organized by title, conductor/performer, instrument, BWV, record label, and recent submissions. Also available are links to biographies, photographs, literature, and other sites offering resources on Bach.

<>KATHY SCHROCK'S GUIDE FOR EDUCATORS: PERFORMING ARTS - http://school.discovery.com/schrockguide/arts/artp.html
Great links to music and drama sources on the web.

aK-12 RESOURCES FOR MUSIC EDUCATORS - http://www.isd77.k12.mn.us/music/k-12music/
Links for band teachers, vocal and choral teachers, orchestra teachers, and classroom music teachers.

<>LAURA'S MIDI HEAVEN - http://www.laurasmidiheaven.com/Kids.shtml
Children's Midi files. They're going to have sing-along lyrics to just about everything.Meanwhile.... A lot of schools use this section for their young students/ Feel free to upload to the Folk section! This is a nice site also if you need music for your webpage.
LYRICS WORLD - http://www.lyricsworld.com/
This index contains links to all of the lyrics available at Lyrics World including all the songs found in " Top 40 Hits of 1930-1999", "Top Singles by Decade" and "Artist Collections".  Browse through the songs by title or artists.

MIDI & MUSIC TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS - http://www.isd77.k12.mn.us/music/k-12music/midi.html
From K-12 Music Resources for Music Educators and stidemts.

MIDI KARAOKE - http://midikaraoke.com/songdir/
Yeah!!! Site where you can download the music and play the tune with the words flowing across the screen, all for free!!!

MOGULS TO MOZART - http://www.stringsinthemountains.org/m2m/intro.htm
The Strings in the Mountains presents a wonderful multimedia site for kids. It is an excellent account of the life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in a storybook fashion. (2-8)

<>MOJO'S MUSICAL MOUSEUM -  http://www.kididdles.com/mouseum/index.html
Keep music alive in the classroom. At this site, you can find the lyrics to many of those kid songs you thought you had forgotten and many more fun activities.
MOZART'S MUSIKALISCHES WURFELSPIEL - http://sunsite.univie.ac.at/Mozart/dice/
A new address for  musical dice game for composing a minuet; Mozart wrote the instructions for a musical composition dice game - the idea is to cut and paste pre-written measures of music together to create a minuet.

MULTIMEDIA - http://www.oswego.org/staff/cchamber/webdesign/multimedia.htm
This page is filled with links to help quickly locate sound clips that can be used in web page creation. Music can often add an inviting quality to your webs. You can find music that fits the theme of your page. If you find a clip that you want to use make sure you review the page to see if the clips are public domain.

MUSIC AND DRAMA LINKS - http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/yorkmillsci/library/music_links.htm
There are many music education resources on this page, including a web activity to introduce students to the instruments in an orchestra. 

MUSIC EDUCATION LESSON PLANS -- http://www.lessonplanspage.com/Music.htm
Interesting site, divided into elementary grades, middle school grades, and high school grades.

MUSIC EDUCATION MADNESS - http://www.musiceducationmadness.org/lesson_plans.shtml
The newly organized site containsa lesson plan spreadheet in Excel, Lesson plans, a lesson plan template in word and PDF, a lesson plan packet on Mozart, activities and modifications for younger grades. K-6

MUSIC EDUCATION ONLINE LINKS - http://www.childrensmusicworkshop.com/
Page Links for Instrumental Music, Choral, General, Music Education, Music Institutes, Music Products and much more.

MUSIC: THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME  - http://www.coreknowledge.org/CKproto2/resrcs/lessons/198MusicExp.htm
This is a lesson plan for first grade students.

MUSICAL TIMELINE - http://www.classicalworks.com/his.pages/timeline.html
The links which the history of classical music can be browsed. A timeline offers a unique viewpoint in studying the history of music. Composers and events appear in context, offering new insights. Although this timeline is extremely comprehensive they are adding new facts all the time. Note - The history of music for the 20th century is still under construction.

MUSIC LESSON PLANS - http://www.eduref.org/cgi-bin/lessons.cgi/Arts/Music
Music Lesson plans from the Educator Reference Desk database are always great places to get ideas. (Pre-K-12)

MUSIC LINKS - http://www.bibliocat.org/
From Baby Boomer Bus Songs to Sesame Street and stuff in between. CLICK ON the music link to the left.

 MUSIC TEACHERS RESOURCE SITE -http://www.mtrs.co.uk/
 Rob Jones has created a site for British music teachers. The site has many free resources and offers a subscription service to get even more. (K-12)

MUSIC, THEATER AND DANCE RESOURCES - http://www.loc.gov/rr/perform/new.internet.resources.html
A collection of links to performing arts sites on the net from the Library of Congress.

NIEHS Sing Along Music and MIDIs - http://www.niehs.nih.gov/kids/music.htm
Music!  It is really good for you. Scientists at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences study the impact of our environment on our health. Even sounds in our environment can have an effect, so scientists have studied the effects of music on our physical and mental functions for many years. For example, it has been determined that music in our environment plays an important role in stress reduction!

ONLINE MUSIC THEORY TUTOR -   http://www.childrensmusicworkshop.com/musictheory/index.html
This online music tutor site includes lessons, tutorials, and much more; there is a sheet music generator, too.

PBS KIDS KARAOKE - http://pbskids.org/fun_and_games/music_movies.html
From Mister Roger's Neighborhood, to everyone's favorite purple dinosaur Barney, and songs from  Arthur and Theodore Tugboat.  These PBS songs are the original recordings, not Karaoke melodies.  And although some of them (such as Mister Roger's) include printed lyrics, most do not.  Requires Shockwave and RealPlayer.

PIANOPEDIA - http://www.pianopedia.com/index.aspx
This search engine is designed for piano teachers and students, as well as performing pianists. It has no music, just information. It can be used to explore the repertoire in search for new works to learn and perform. It is a detailed reference source for the classical piano repertoire and includes over 800 composers, 5100+ works, and 14700+ movements. Available in English and French.

RECIPES 4 LEARNING - http://www.recipes4learning.com
This site is loaded with recipes for crafts, holidays, learning, and songs.
ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME - http://rockhall.com/programs/plans.asp
Lesson Plans intended to stimulate student interest and creativity, to develop higher order thinking skills and to promote interdisciplinary learning.  Integrate the lyrics of songs into your teaching.  It can work wonders in gaining interest.  Upper grades/high school.
SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY KIDS' SITE  - http://www.sfskids.org/templates/splash.asp
This website gives a refresher course on The Instruments of the Orchestra and an introduction to reading music in Meet the Notes.

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LYRICS - http://www.SchoolHouseRock.tv/index.html
All the Schoolhouse Rock song lyrics can be found here: Multiplication, History, Science and Grammar.
SONGS4TEACHERS - http://www.songs4teachers.com/
More than 100 songs for teachers ready to download and use, this site can be a blessing for those with limited resources or limited musical ability. Simply click on a theme and watch the sheet music appear before you in .pdf format (Acrobat Reader needed). There are pay services for additional collections or personalized songs, but the basic 100+ website-based items are free. Look for free songs list on left.
SONGS FOR TEACHING ENGLISH - http://www.esl-lounge.com/songstop.html
The ESL Lounge has song lyrics to help make learning English fun. (ESL)

SONGS OF THE CENTURY - http://www.cnn.com/2001/SHOWBIZ/Music/03/07/list.top.365.songs/index.html
Best, worst, make a list  of your favorites.

THE SYMPHONY, AN INTERACTIVE GUIDE - http://library.thinkquest.org/22673/index.html
A Thinkquest activity.  Enjoy the music and learn from the listener's guide. Users can browse, alphabetically or by country, composer biographies and hear the most famous works of each. Take a "crash course" in symphonic forms, and take quizzes to test yourself. RealAudio is to listen to the music, which was performed by The Queensland Youth Symphony Orchestra, conducted by John Curro.  

THE ULTIMATE BAND LIST http://ubl.artistdirect.com/
The UBL is the one place to go for almost everything music. The site includes album reviews, biographies, lyrics, concert information, Internet radio stations and so much more. Click on Charts on the left-hand button bar and see the latest Billboard and other top 100 music charts. Find nearly every band from the alphabetical listing at the top of the homepage. Lots of commercials but you will be amazed at how much information is just a click away.

WHOLENOTE - THE ON-LINE GUITAR COMMUNITY - http://www.wholenote.com
This site not only offers guitar lessons with notation and customizable music playback for all skill levels and styles, it also offers tools to help you build your own lessons. You can also explore links, reviews, news, member homepages, forums, ear training, and more. The site includes ads. Grade Level: Middle School, High School.

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